I finished the 15 weeks workout!

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  1. dardonardo

    dardonardo Hades

    Just let you know that yesterday I finished my first 15 weeks of freeletics :D

    My body has not changed anywhere near the guys in the videos, however I am stronger than I have ever been. I am extremely satisfied with my strength and stamina. Last Wednesday I went snowboarding and I went faster and stronger than ever and did not get tired. That night I did Kronos and survived it (300 squads!)

    I am so happy with the results that I have already started the next 15 weeks of freeletics :)

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  2. Calle

    Calle Hera

    Nice. just keep pushing.

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  3. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Good job!

    Before starting Freeletics I was sure, that my body would not definitely change like, let say Levants. But I wanted to get in better shape and maybe to reach such results but in longer time :) After 7 weeks I lost 5-6 kg and 6 cm from my waist and of course my stamina. Today I tried long run. I never run before more than 3 km....Today I did 7 km without any problem. I think if it will be wormer, 10 km would not be. Problem.

    So lets keep working :)

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  4. dardonardo

    dardonardo Hades


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  5. Josemadbird

    Josemadbird Hades



    You got it........

    You said you started again, this means you like what yoy did so much, therefore congratulations again!!!

    Un saludo


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  6. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    Great Job!!
    I will finish tomorrow ;)
  7. dardonardo

    dardonardo Hades

    Good luck! My last day was a killer! It took me an hour and a half to finish all 3 exercises!

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  8. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    Mine will be simillar...
    Zeus+Poseidon+Aphrodite.. that will be pure fun :lol: :lol: :lol:
  9. dardonardo

    dardonardo Hades

    Mine was Kronos + Ares + Poseidon :)

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  10. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    I will let you know how it went tomorrow ;) ;)
  11. kammember

    kammember Frischling

    Well done, the most important thing in fitness is consistency!

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