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  1. OctroneXx

    OctroneXx Aphrodite Moderator

    Here you can share and talk about your PBs and compare them to others.
  2. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    OK, then I go first :)

    22:50* all pullups strict
  3. chausj

    chausj Hera

    great result, mine is 35:02 with modified pullups
  4. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    thx chausj
  5. chausj

    chausj Hera

    32:42 w/o *
  6. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    2 months ago, it was 37m, now nearing the end of strength coach

    30:06 *
    Gotta love to see real results :p

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