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  1. OctroneXx

    OctroneXx Aphrodite Moderator

    Here you can share and talk about your PBs and compare them to others.
  2. chausj

    chausj Hera

    36:48 w/o *
  3. chausj

    chausj Hera

    32:33 w/o *
  4. Polyamid

    Polyamid Metis

    38:35 w/o *
  5. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    56min without star. It was very difficult! I am not used to pullups.
  6. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    32:41 w/o star
    Pull ups Ricardo are a walk in the parc compared to them HS kipping things :p
    Just not for me *yet* ;)

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