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  1. OctroneXx

    OctroneXx Aphrodite Moderator

    Here you can share and talk about your PBs and compare them to others.
  2. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    first time ever... right on target 250* :cool:
  3. OctroneXx

    OctroneXx Aphrodite Moderator

    Re: AW: Personal Best

    Wow, 250 is extremely good for the first time. Congrats :smile:
  4. kazzmataz

    kazzmataz Hades

    245 at the moment, after all my legs were sore but i felt great :)
  5. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Wow, my PB is only 163

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  6. Marco

    Marco Venus Co-Administrator

    245 ? For sure ? Star or no Star ?
  7. dardonardo

    dardonardo Hades

    Wow, 250! My best is 190 and that is at week 14!

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  8. kazzmataz

    kazzmataz Hades

    Each repetition was starred, but after that i couldn't walk for an hour. My legs are strong cause i used to train Krav Maga before freeletics and there i had many legs excercises like one leg squats or sitting against the wall in chair possition for 20 minutes
  9. kielerkoenig

    kielerkoenig Herakles

  10. TheMonk

    TheMonk Iris

    302* :twisted: :twisted:
  11. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Unbelievable !!!!

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  12. FreeSafety

    FreeSafety Hades

    :eek: :shock: :oops:

  13. chausj

    chausj Hera

  14. Tooonnniii

    Tooonnniii Hades


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  15. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    wow, that's mental!!! :p

    I wouldn't be able to remain standing after that, great work!
  16. chausj

    chausj Hera

    No words, unbelievable[THUMBS UP SIGN]

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