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  1. alp

    alp Frischling

    Hi to everyone, I am from Istanbul and 33 years old, during my life I swim a lot but unfortunately for the last couple of years due to work couldnt succeed to keep it on a track.

    Now I am 184cm with around 82kg weight, I just started FL coach 15weeks program yesterday and discovered how weak I am!!

    It looks very nice program though and had a motivation to see the results. If anybody out there from Istanbul, it could be good to work together, specially enrty levels :)

    For now I have only one question, it says to do as much as possible in 300 or 100seconds, but after a while I cant find energy to continue, so

    should I do the things slowly to have action or fastest possible until I die before 3 minutes?

    best wishes to every1
  2. First of all, welcome. It's a great decision to start Freeletics.

    To give an answer to your question, every exercise has an easier version. They are shown in the videos, you could do them if the regular exercises become to hard. And if you train hard u will see a lot of improvement in your PB's.
  3. chausj

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    Welcome to Freeletics.

    I think that it is OK that you are out of energy. As for me I decided to do MAXes only with Star. Than it will be better to compare you improvement.

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  4. chausj

    chausj Hera

    Advise from Freeletics directly is to decide before Max workout if you will do star version or easier one.

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  5. alp

    alp Frischling

    thanks for advises, I decided to do easy versions at first since it may be more possible to be in action during all time, otherwise I am not able to complete the time and it decreases my motivation.

    On the other hand, easy versions also give me pain of muscles and I prefer to try the star versions in following weeks, I am purpose is to keep muscles always in pain so the improvements should be better I guess, I dont know.
  6. iFreeletics

    iFreeletics Frischling

    Same story happening here :)
    I just do as many times I can without following what the app says.
    Try to take short breaks between sessions

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