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  1. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Any thoughts on protein supplements?

    I am rather on the skinny side. I am 1.74m and I weight only 57kgs. I eat healthy. I mean, I don't drink sodas, I hardly ever drink. I eat sweets very sporadically. I eat grains, cereals, vegetables and fruits. I don't eat red meat, mostly chicken.

    It's been a month since I started working out again after my arm injury. In a few weeks I may begin again the 3-week free trial and complete it before thinking about buying the coach.

    I am asking about protein supplements because I am noticing something: As I train my performance gets better but I don't gain weight or muscle. I know it is probably very early to tell but when I was in high school and early in the University I could see my upper abs muscles (like a four pack) and I didn't trained too much. I think it was because I am very skinny. But right now they don't show.

    I am working my abs every third day. Right now I am doing 250 situps or alternatively 125 jackknives (no star)+125 situps. As the days goes by they get easier. But I don't see any visual change in my body (abs). The same goes with the squats; when I began the free-trial the first time the most squats I could do in a row without taking a small break were 25. Right now I can do 100 without stopping. Right now I am doing a total 250 squats every third day or 75 assisted pistol squats. After the recovery process I wasn't able to do one single pullup or chinup. I began doing australian pullups and chinups together with some chest dips and pushups. I work my arms every third day also. I went slowly and after a month I am able to do 4x5 proper chinups and 4x5 proper pullups (not in a row and taking breaks to rest my arms.)

    I can feel my performance gets better but I don't see the slightest change in my body. I am drinking a glass of soymilk after working out thinking about the protein intake, but I think maybe it has too much fat and not enough protein. I suspect the amount of protein I consume is not enough for this kind of exercises and building up some muscle.

    I was reading about isolated soybean protein which it seems has very little fat content and around 80%-90% protein. Someone mentioned whey protein. I saw in the store the other day this whey protein product, it is quite expensive but I don't know if it is good. I still have to do some research and ask around in stores.

    Do you guys take something or recommend something regarding protein supplements?
    Thanks a lot,
  2. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    Hi Ricardo

    At this moment I'm in week 10 of strength coach & let me telll you, when you're skinny, you ain't gonna see much difference (body wise) until after a good period of a couple of months.
    I myself am 1.82 eat like a boar work out almost every day, but I still can't cross the 62kg border. I'm afraid it might just have something to do with genetics :p Anyhow, I'm not the guy to help you with this, since I can't get any weight gain myself, but maybe someone else has a great idea ...
    I'd love to hear it
  3. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Hi Jeroen,

    Thanks, I am pretty sure genetics has a lot to do with it! If I skip a few meals I lose weight, just like that. Both my parents are like that. It is good to know you had to wait around 2 months to see any visual results. At least that gives me a reference.

    My concern is that due to my normal diet I may not be getting enough protein in the first place to build muscle. I have read that bodybuilders recommend eating red meat, which I don't eat.

    Just the other day I checked the protein content of the soybean milk I have been drinking after exercising and its not very high. Its like 13% protein and 4% fat or something like that. It is very inexpensive, but it is a product designed for another purpose.

    I searched a little bit in the internet and read that it seems there has been several waves of thinking about nutrition/exercise thru time. It seems there were times when people recommended a high calorie diet, but not anymore . Other times when egg protein was the most recommended. There were times when milk casein protein was considered the best. Later it seems it was soybean protein and now it seems whey protein is the new best product. So it seems much of this has to do with marketing/selling and not so much with nutrition.

    I also heard from someone that some products bodybuilders use contain steroids even if it doesn't say it in the label (I don't know if it is possible to put steroids just like that in a product, I am completely ignorant about the matter.) Apparently, in those cases the user experiences muscle growth but also the side effects from the steroids...inadvertently because it is not on the label.

    I will do some research in the next days and ask around to see if I can gather more info. Of course, any additional input is very welcomed!
  4. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Hi everybody,

    Well, I did a little research on the products available where I live. I found 6 different brands offering protein powders. I found the offer reduces pretty much to either soybean protein or whey protein.

    Based on the nutritional facts on the labels, I calculated the percentage of protein in each serving as well as how much I would end up paying for every gram of protein for each product. Most products have at least 80% protein content reaching a maximum of 86%. Other products only contain 60%-65% of protein. There were huge differences in the prices as well.

    There was one brand that contained 79% of isolated soybean protein and was quite inexpensive. However, it contained the artificial sweetener aspartame, it says so very big in the front label. That sweetener has such a bad reputation that I didn't consider buying it.

    At the end I was left with two brands. The product specifications were very similar in terms of protein content (83%-86%), calories, carbs and fat. Also the prices were almost equal. One of them is from a well known health multilevel marketing company. I talked to someone working with them and in order to get the good price I had to pay a subscription to the company. Otherwise the price was much higher than the other brand. So I ended up buying with the other product.

    According to the label, the product I bought is 100% isolated whey protein. The serving size is 29 grs containing 25grs of protein (86%), 100 calories, 0 grams of fat and carbs. I just started taking the supplement after working out. I am taking a smaller dose than recommended. I am mixing it with milk, oat meal and fruit.

    I will monitor myself regarding weight, size, appearance and also performance and overall feeling. I think that 6 to 8 weeks should be a good window of time to see if there are any results. I will keep you posted.

    Best regards,
  5. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Anyone have any idea if it is better to take the protein supplement before or after working out?

    Someone told me to eat fruit, oatmeal or something with energy before the workout and take the protein after exercising.
    But reading online I found an article stating that it is better to take the protein before working out
    In the label of the product I am using it says to take it in the morning, 45min before working out and post-workout. It seems exaggerated, perhaps if lifting weights which I am not doing.

    Any ideas/experiences?

    There seems to be tons of info in the German section but little movement here in the international one. Sadly I don't speak German...
  6. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    You're right Ricardo, we should really get this program out to the world and get active
    Unfortunately Freeletics is something for the strong minded who do not quit and that's not something you can say bout everyone :/
  7. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Yes, it seems people in general is not constant in their efforts. I witnessed that when I was taking yoga lessons. We were only 4 dedicated students in the class. Other people only went for a couple of lessons and drop it, or even for a couple of months and then drop it.
  8. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Hi everyone,

    I have been experimenting for almost a month with the protein supplement I bought (it should be called 'complement' not 'supplement'!) Lately, I am taking some before and some after working out. I am taking less than the recommended amount by the way.

    Taking it with water seems the best choice, especially before the workout. If I mix it with milk, oatmeal or else I sometimes feel liquid in my stomach even after waiting for 30-45min. I then take some milk, fruit, oatmeal, etc. at other moment of the day to help increase the calorie, carbs and protein intake (at least in my case because I need to gain weight, not lose it!)

    Also, I have noticed that taking a bit of the protein powder 30min to 45min before the workout does helps. I feel the muscles respond better and I get less tired.

    After reading a little on the internet I think it is useful to take some protein powder around the workout (before & after) because whey protein is absorbed fast by the body and it seems this helps with muscle development. At least that is what I have found in articles on the internet. The rest of your daily protein can be consumed naturally with meals.

    I have been weighting and measuring myself. I am still at 56-57kg but I have noticed that my biceps have increased in 3cm. My back-chest measurements have increased by 4cm and my tights by 3cm as well.

    These are not some extraordinary gains, but they are gains nonetheless.
  9. JODK9

    JODK9 Hades

    Certainly some good gains if you're considering the fact you've been only experimenting for about a month. Keep it up!
  10. Ricardo

    Ricardo Hades

    Yes, thanks.

    I would like to gain more weight but due to increased muscle mass. It is hard for me since I have a tendency to lose weight very easily and fast. I read and I was also was told the doctor that a good way of gaining weight is working out to have strong legs. It seems a good % of body weight comes from the legs.

  11. kammember

    kammember Frischling

    I personally am not a fan of protein supplements, I prefer to get my protein requirements through eating a healthy balanced diet making sure I consume mainly whole foods.

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